10 Years of Salesian Cabaret!

For 10 years now the first Friday of Term 4 has seen the College put on a Cabaret Night. Although the event is not strictly a cabaret, it is a staff/student music concert.

Cabaret 10 was held with 3 stages surrounding the audience as they sat at round tables and enjoyed the broad musical palette that was presented to them by the performers. The music varied from solo classical flute to AC/DC; and everything in between.

My thanks to all the members of our community who performed: students, ex-students, parents and staff. Affter 10 years this event now has a life of its own and it would not be possible without a great deal of assistance from a lot of people. A huge thank you also to the Parents’ Association for helping with the food, the staff who helped to run the bar, Ms Maryanne Xuereb and Mrs Barb Monaghan for ticketing and to the students who operated the Sound and Light: Gabriel Lubin, Michael Nguyen and Hamish Patterson.

See all the photos HERE!

Adam Croft
Head of Performance