Project Compassion Update

As many of you are aware, our Term 1 Social justice Awareness and Fundraising Focus is Caritas Australia: Project Compassion. So far we have raised just over $1500.  We have a number of events still to come this term that will hopefully take us to our target of $5000. These include:

  • Social Justice Athletics Carnival Canteen
  • Casual Clothes Day (Date to be confirmed)
  • Guess how many eggs in the jar? Competition
  • Fair Trade Easter Raffle (raffle tickets will go home on Monday via the students)

The Year 9B Students have been working on developing proposals for the College Community about how to raise more awareness about the plight of others. They have been deepening their knowledge of Social Justice and growing in their understanding of their responsibility as human beings, as Catholics and as Salesians, to assist in bringing about a more ‘just world’.  Their proposals were of excellent quality.  I would like to share Joseph Cefai’s (9B) proposal which illustrates what our students are leaning and thinking about when it comes to Social Justice:

Raising Awareness for Project Compassion 2016


Project Compassion is an initiative of Caritas Australia, that strives to bring social justice to those who live in poverty. This year, Caritas is working to bring social justice to countries such as Laos, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Cambodia and India. Project Compassion hopes to educate, inspire and give opportunities to people who feel like all is lost, by following this year’s theme, ‘Learning More, Creating Change’. This theme closely follows Pop Francis’ words, ‘Education is an act of hope’. Project compassion puts Pope Francis’ teaching into action by education those who would otherwise lack a learning environment. Having access to an education creates equality throughout the world so that every child has an opportunity to learn valuable skills poor their future.

Project Compassion hope to base their education scripture on John 10:10. This scripture teaches that living a full life means to live of compassion and helping others.

‘Man of every time and place desires a full and beautiful life, just and good, a life that is not threatened by death but can still mature and grow into fullness’

Pope Francis, in response to john 10:10

Project Compassion lives by this message and hopes that by teaching it they bestow a positive outlook on life to many people who may not know their true potential to help others.


Project Compassion is an important event during the Lenten season because its goal is to achieve social justice, an important value for Catholics. The purpose of project Compassion isn’t only to raise money to help those in poverty. It is a call to action for Catholics to help those around them during lent. ‘Love one another as I have loved you’, is the only commandment Jesus had for his followers. Project Compassion sees that we follow through on this commandment by helping our neighbours along with people Project Compassion support through your charity.

The work of project Compassion is more than just acting upon Catholic values. It is a human right to have social justice and dignity in your life. Project Compassion works to restore humanity by bringing dignity to those who are then left unnoticed, and by giving them the acre and support they deserve. Supporting and donating to project Compassion means that you are in support of a world where people live good, full lives by helping those around the world who do not have basic human rights.


Joseph went on to suggest a number of interesting ways we could promote project Compassion and the plight of others in our school community.

Well done Joseph!


Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission