Principal’s Weekly Report: 2 November 2012

Term 4 – Week 4


Welcome to week four of Term 4, a week where we have had a small taste of summer before returning to the wet weather we are getting far too used to. At this time of the year we can be forgiven for allowing the mind to wander and dream of the long hot days on the beach that are just around the corner. I want to remind everyone of the need to work hard for the last few weeks and finish the year off the same way we started it. We have enjoyed a wonderful first half of the term with the Year 12’s finishing off so well and the rest of the student body being settled and productive. So I encourage all of us in the community to keep up the good work and finish the year as positively as we can. I especially encourage our senior students who enter into their exam period to focus on their studies to ensure they achieve results commensurate with their ability. Good luck to all students as they prepare for exams in the coming weeks.


Thank You to All Staff & especially Year 12 Subject Teachers

All students I have spoken to appear to be pretty happy with the way things have gone for them. We hope this will translate into results as a true reflection of their ability and their efforts. A significant part of our Year 12 students’ success is due to the work done by staff over the past six years leading up to this point. The College wishes to thank all staff, in particular our Year 12 subject teachers for their efforts in bringing this fine group of young men to this point in their lives.


It would be remiss of me not to extend to all staff, my sincerest thanks for such a wonderful final three weeks for the Year 12s. The students remained productively involved in their classes and their study up to the end thanks to the efforts of all staff. It is staff who set the expectations of how we would like the students to finish, setting the scene to make the final weeks a success and for that the College is grateful. We now wish all the students all the best as they prepare themselves for their exams


Class of 2012 Valedictory Mass & Dinner

Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of joining with our Year 12 students and their parents as we celebrated the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner. Everyone entered into the festivities in great spirits as we celebrated all the hard work by the students, having completed their classes for the year. It was wonderful to witness the Class of 2012 enjoying themselves and celebrating in an appropriate manner. The chance to mingle with their parents and reflect on the past six years spent at Salesian College was great. The feedback from those in attendance has been very favourable with most people appearing to have enjoyed the night. Thanks must go to the staff involved in the organization of the evening in particular Mr Rob Steward for all the planning and organisation.


Start of VCE Exams

Exams started this week with English and maths completed. I hope all students were able to remain calm and focussed and put all the hard work they had done over the past twelve months into action. We wish the boys all the best for the remainder of the examination period especially those boys who have large breaks between exams. We hope they remain focussed and continue to work hard until their last exam.


Cup Weekend

We hope that things will now settle for a few weeks as we look to finish the year for all other students. This week end we enjoy a four day break and I hope all in the community are able to use this time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends in an attempt to re-energise for the last few weeks of the year.

God bless!

Mr Robert Brennan – College Principal