Principal’s Weekly Report: 9 November 2012

Term 4  – Week 3


Never waste time and energy wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else…

Eileen Caddy once said “Never waste time and energy wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else. Accept your situation and realise you are where you are, doing what you are doing, for a very specific reason. Realise that nothing is by chance, that you have certain lessons to learn and that the situation you are in has been given to you to enable you to learn those lessons as quickly as possible, so that you can move onward and upward along this spiritual path”.


An appropriate thought to reflect on as many of us ponder other places we would rather be or other things we would be rather be doing, especially having enjoyed four days with family and friends over the weekend. I hope everyone enjoys the short week after a good rest and looks forward to finishing the year off strongly.

The Half Way Mark

This week marks the half-way point of Term 4 and it is a good time for us to set our goals for the last few weeks to ensure we finish in a positive fashion. It is important that we focus on the issues or tasks that confront us each day and apply ourselves to the best of our ability to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Finishing the Year off Positively!

In light of this thought I encourage our senior students to remain focussed on their study until they finish their last exam and I remind all other students that we have three weeks remaining to finish the year off positively. I encourage all to use their time wisely. Time is an important factor all year round, however at this time of the year it is even more critical as it tends to disappear and we never seem to have enough of it to achieve what we set out to do. As we rush from one task to another it can be very easy to miss the positive things that are occurring around us.

This time of the year we move into a transitional period as we reflect and celebrate what has transpired over the year as well as planning for what is to come next year. I wish everybody all the best as we finish off what has been a very good year.

God Bless
Mr Robert Brennan – College Principal