Principal’s Weekly Report: 16 November 2012

Newsletter Term 4 – Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of term 4, a week in which we begin to get a sense the year is coming to an end in particular for our senior students. Our Year 10 classes finish up after next week’s exams and our Year 11 / 12 boys also complete their Headstart program at this time. I hope the students use their remaining time wisely over the next few days to ensure they are ready for their exams. Our Year 7 – 9 students will have one last week after that before their year comes to an end for Christmas.

The Year 12 exams have entered their third week with everything continuing to go very well. Students remain upbeat with the way things are going which we hope will translate into positive results in a couple of weeks.

Spring Concert

While we approach the end of the year there appears to be little sign of things slowing down as the community continues to offer events and activities to entertain and inform students and parents. On Monday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Spring Concert, where I witnessed the musical gifts and the hard work of our Year 7 students along with the intermediate and senior bands. It was another wonderful evening of entertainment showcasing our student’s talent and dedication. It is quite amazing to see how much development can be achieved in such a short period of time with our Year 7 boys thanks to the dedication of the music staff, the instrumental teachers and the boys themselves. All looks positive for a good future with a very strong performance by the Year 9 boys in the intermediate band, whilst the senior band played as well as they always do. I would like to thank Mr Adam Croft, Mr Darren Winfield, Ms Jenny Ford, Ms Joanne Currie, Ms Emma Hallett, Mr David Neville, and Mr Damon Brunton for all their work in this area.

Enrolment Evening

On Wednesday evening I attended the Enrolment Information evening where we were joined by approximately 70 families considering Salesian College Chadstone for their son’s secondary education. The information was well received by those in attendance and there was a very positive feel amongst the group. I would Like to thank Mrs Mary Menz and Ms Teresa Thai for all their effort in preparing for these evenings and promoting the College.  The work they do with prospective parents to ensure they feel welcome and informed about everything Salesian is exceptional. Their work continues to show dividends with the College enjoying a positive reputation in the wider community.

I leave you this week with a reflection which I feel is timely with our focus on senior school exams. Most of us know that there are times when we are going to do well, and then there will be times when we’re not going to do so well, some may even see this as failing. I suggest that neither the doing well, nor, not doing so well is the true measure of success. The measure of success comes internally, it comes when we accept our successes and failures for what they are. When we can reconcile them to ourselves either by knowing we have done our best or that our less successful results have come about due to a lack of effort on our part or maybe even because we just didn’t have the skills to complete that given task. In other words we take responsibility for our achievements good or bad and be content in the knowledge that generally we get what we deserve. This is so important as no matter where you go in life, the one certainty is you will always be there, with your thoughts and with your feelings. You will be the one constant in your life and no matter how your circumstances may change, you are you.  You alone decide how proud you are of yourself and what you are going to do with the hand you are dealt. With this thought I wish all our students well with their remaining exams and encourage them to be honest in their reflection on the results they obtain and then move on and make the most of what you have achieved.

God Bless
Mr Robert Brennan – College Principal