Principal’s Weekly Report: 23 November 2012

This week is the last week of senior exams which signals we are getting very close to the end of the year and all the craziness that comes with it. The last of the Year 12 exams was Thursday and the final Year 10 exam is today and the Year 12 head start concludes today meaning all of our senior students are on holidays as of today. We wish them all the best for their summer break and wish them a safe and holy Christmas. In the meantime Year 7 – 9 students start their exams this week and will finish up next week.  Leaving only a couple of weeks before the staff take a well-earned break for Christmas,  I think this means we are officially entering the silly season. In the midst of all this, staff will be feverishly correcting papers and writing reports to finish off the year.


Year 7, 2013 orientation night

On Wednesday evening the College hosted 208 boys, and their parents, who are to join us in 2013 in Year 7. We had in excess of 600 people gather to officially begin a journey which for most of the boys will last six years. It was a wonderful gathering with all in attendance leaving with a sense of joy and excitement as they look forward to being a Salesian boy. Parents spoke of the warmth of the welcome and the night being very informative. We look forward to working with these fine young men and their families in the coming years. Wednesday evening was followed by a morning tea for a number of these boys and their families to ensure they were familiar with everything they need to know and to get to know them that little bit more. I would like to thank all the staff involved in these wonderful gatherings in particular Ms Phina Tran, Mrs Mary Menz, Ms Carmel Meehan, and Ms Teresa Thai for all their work and preparation.


VCAL awards night

On Thursday evening we had a far more intimate gathering with the Year 11 VCAL boys and their families to recognise their achievements and to farewell these great young men. It was a lovely way to conclude their time at Salesian College Chadstone as we enjoyed the feast prepared by the boys, presented certificates and talked with the boys and their families. I would like to congratulate the boys on the evening and their great culinary skills – the food was terrific. I would also like to thank Mr Kim Beurs and the VCAL staff for their efforts in bringing these boys to this stage in their lives. We wish the boys and their families every success in the future.


Never underestimate your potential

Potential can be a scary description placed upon us as it implies we have talents yet to be utilised or discovered. We often hear this term used in the sporting world and history is littered with potential superstars who never quite make it. We all have talents and potential, however it is what we do with this potential that determines our ultimate success. Some people never reach their potential adopting the attitude that they are unable to do the things they dream of, worse still – some hide behind this potential never having the courage to test their limits. Others on the other hand take the bull by the horns so to speak and use their potential to achieve great things.

Jesus tells the parable of the three servants who are each given talents, two of the slaves use their talents to gain further talents, sadly, however, the slave that was given the least talents stores his under bushel ultimately upsetting his master. The Moral of the parable is that the talents we are given are to be used and developed no matter how many or the strength of those talents.

Applying this thought to things we have to do in life on a daily basis, is to live by the motto if I have to do it I may as well do it well. With this in mind why not apply it to coming to school? We all have to show up at school or work so as long as you have to be here, why not give it your all? Why not give it the best you can?

Don’t overlook the opportunity to achieve something, don’t be fearful, don’t hold back. Give it all you’ve got because this moment may never come again and who knows what you could achieve? Give yourself the chance to reach your own potential. Alice Crowe suggests that ‘10% is what life brings to you. 90% is what you do about it.’ With this in mind I will use the famous slogan of Nike “just do it” Our year 7 – 9 students can apply this to their exams next week however for the rest of the community I say ponder this thought over the Christmas break and return with the attitude that I am going to give it all that I have. At least then you will know what you are capable of achieving. I am sure you will be surprised by just how much this will be.

God Bless