Principal’s Weekly Report: 30 November 2012

As the 2012 school year draws to a close it seems we are busier than we have been at any other time throughout the year. Here at school we work feverishly to complete set curriculum, correct student work and write reports, all at the same time we are trying to organise Awards Night and all the other aspects the end of the year brings as well as trying to do a little planning for 2013.


All this is happening at a time we should be slowing down and taking time to reflect on the miracle of the incarnation through the birth of Jesus. Family schedules, and personal agendas filled with meetings, programs, parties and other obligations tend to take control of our lives. This weekend marks the beginning of Advent, a very special part of the liturgical year for the Catholic Church. It is a time of preparation, of readying oneself for Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We encourage all in our community to take time out from the media driven madness of the festive season, and all that it asks of us, the shopping, the looking for car parks, office parties, decking the halls, making lists and all of the general madness, to take a quiet moment to allow ourselves some peace and stillness. During advent we must take some quiet time to reflect on all that is happening around us and focus on the important things in our lives. Our family and friends, people less fortunate than ourselves, those people for whom Christmas is a lonely or stressful time and offer our thoughts and our prayers that they too may enjoy this wonderful time of the year. We hope and pray that all in our community will be contemplating using the upcoming Christmas break to spend some valuable time with their families, enjoying each other’s company and letting each other know how much they love them.


I am sure that our students will be looking forward with anticipation to the holidays they so vehemently wait for each year.  It is a break they all deserve after the work they have completed throughout the year. Most of our students have applied themselves to the job at hand and they are deserving of the rest that is to come.


It is hard for staff to truly appreciate their achievements at this time as they feverishly correct exams and write reports however it is our fond hope that when all settles down they will reflect on this year and come to understand the significant steps we have taken as a community in our attempts to move towards achieving our goals for the years to come. The College would like to recognise and thank them for their efforts.


On Thursday night we gathered as a school community for the final time for the year at our annual Awards Night. To say it was steamy would be a significant understatement as we all sweltered in the conditions. I would like to thank all our special guests and the parents and staff in attendance as it wasn’t the most comfortable of evenings. I would like to congratulate Mr Neil Carter, Mr John Visentin, Ms Gabrielle Dalton for their preparation for the awards night along with all the other staff who contributed to a wonderful night. This gathering recognises those students who have gone beyond the average or norm and have excelled in their studies or in their chosen extracurricular pursuit. The College congratulates all students but in particular our award recipients for their commitment and their effort as it is on these things that the College continues to make strides toward becoming a great school.


At this time of the year we will always be farewelling staff and we would like to wish the following staff a fond goodbye as they take on different roles next year. For those who are travelling we wish that all your dreams of adventures are more than you hope and for those taking up new positions we wish you every success.

We thank Mr Mark Donoghue for his wonderful work and his care, concern and commitment to his students over the past years at Salesian. We congratulate him on his retirement and hope he reflects on the fruits of his labour and he enjoys this wonderful time of his life. Other staff leaving us for the 2012 School year are:


Sally Bodo

Chris Ryan

Will Patchett

Harry Floros

Teresa Thai

Matthew Harvey


Counsellors,  Jason Ewing and Erik Boman from Centacare are also finishing up with us.

We wish them all every success in their future ventures.


To all in the community we hope that you have a merry, restful, joyful and peaceful Christmas. We hope your new year gets off to the perfect start and you return to us renewed and refreshed for what is promising to be another great year here at Salesian College. I wish everyone a very happy and holy Christmas and hope you all have a safe new year.


God Bless