2013 College Captain & Vice Captains Announced!

On 23 October 2012, as part of the Valedictory Assembly the current 2012 College Captain & Vice Captains formally transferred the honour and responsibility of leadership to the new 2013 Student Leaders.



  • Styron Augustus - 2013 College Captain
  • Stephen Forster – 2013 College Vice Captain
  • George Papadopoulos - 2013 College Vice Captain
2013 Student Leaders

2013 Student Leaders Announced









The College also thanks 2012 College Captain Luke Daidone and Vice Captains’ Somas Subramaniam and Sam Hamilton who have each been positive examples to others and great custodians of the Salesian College tradition. The Salesian College Community thanks you for all that you have shared in your roles as College Captain and Vice-Captains and wishes you all the best for the future.


Excerpt from speech at the Valedictory Assembly – Transfer of Student Leadership Ceremony


‘Our current Year 11 students who will be moving into Year 12 now take on the custodianship of the traditions of this College. Student leadership has always been a feature in Salesian schools. St John Bosco realised that “his students” were influenced by their friends and fellow students as well as by their teachers. He encouraged his leaders to be positive role models, to take on responsibility and to look after the younger ones in their care. It is this responsibility that awaits our next group of leaders.

Our leaders must aim to strive to uphold the principles and beliefs of the College and to be role models for other students. This is achieved by working to achieve their personal best in all areas and by serving the needs of others within our community. Whilst all of our Year 12s have a role as leaders there are a number of official leadership positions and responsibilities within that year group.

The process of selecting the College Captain and Vice-captains involved staff and Year 11 students nominating boys, the boys nominated by a significant number of staff and their peers were then invited to an interview with a panel of the College Leadership team members. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all the boys who participated in those interviews and who were part of the nomination process. All of the nine boys nominated presented themselves well and are a credit to themselves, their families and the College.’

Presentation by Mr John Visentin – Deputy Principal Student Services