2013 Premier’s Reading Challenge at Salesian College

Congratulations to the 69 students from years 7 & 8 who successfully met the 2013 Premiers’ Reading Challenge in 2013. Congratulations also go to the many students who enjoyed many more stories and genres than they had ever read before!

The students who did meet the challenge will be acknowledged at the whole school assembly on Friday 22 November and, as an ADDED BONUS, will be able to view their personalized video and special newspaper article from ‘The Age’ online through the Premier’s Reading Challenge website (this is instead of the original publication of the honour roll in a physical copy of ‘The Age’). The online instructions are included with this article.

The students who made significant efforts in reading more widely in 2013 will also be presented with participation certificates. Well done to all the students, teachers and staff on a very enriching Premiers’ Reading Challenge experience at Salesian College in 2013.


Click here for instructions how to access The Age article!