2014 Expo

Our Expo Night conducted last Tuesday evening proved to be a wonderful showcase for the great work completed by the students and staff of Salesian College in our classrooms, studios, laboratories, on the stage and on the sporting field. A range of fantastic activities including music, mock trials, Science experiments, debates, role plays, sports as well as a variety of static displays gave an authentic insight into the vibrancy of life at Salesian College. The highlight of Expo 2014 was undoubtedly the spectacular Design Show where, under the leadership of the Heads of Visual Arts (Ms Ros Aylward) and Technology Studies (Mr Justin Leeds) the creative talents of so many boys were highlighted in a carefully curated exhibition. The Expo Night was certainly a great evening thanks to the diligence and professionalism of our staff and the tremendous contributions by a small of army of boys who showed off their school with pride and great aplomb. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parents Association who, once again, showed sterling support for the College by putting on a tasty and fortifying barbecue. I also wish to thank all members of staff for their dedication to their craft and to their school – it is very much appreciated.  In a particular way, I would also like to acknowledge the special contributions made by Ms Suzie McErvale, our Heads of Department, Mr Dennis Veneruzzo, Mr Anthony McLelland, Mr Mark Breen, Mr Leon Brooks, Mr Dave Davenport, Mr Malcolm Lloyd, Mrs Barb Monaghan, Mr Adam Croft and Mrs Mary Menz: thank you and well done!

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Education