2014 Father’s Day

Though shrouded in fog nearly a hundred Father’s came to school at the early hour of 7:30am on Friday 5 September to join the celebration of Father’s Day. As they arrived the boys lead their dads into the Chapel where we began the day with a thanksgiving celebration of Eucharist. The Scripture readings proclaimed, reminded the gathering to be men of Justice, and to be so, with a warm heart relating to others in the way of Jesus.

After celebrating around the Lord’s Table in the Chapel, Mr Brennan invited everyone to the hall foyer where a wonderful variety of pastries and breakfast ‘specials’ had been laid out by members of the Parents Association with the assistance of some College Staff. The boys rallied to see that the fathers were served before they shared in the delights.

As the clock ticked past eight thirty the gathering began to disburse to answer the call of ‘work’. For all who managed to come, this celebration was a very fitting way to mark Father’s Day; where sons could proudly bring their fathers to share some time in Prayer and Reflection around the Table of the Lord and then show their appreciation by serving them breakfast. This truly was a wonderful start to the day and to the weekend that includes Father’s Day.

View photos of the morning HERE.

Fr John Papworth