2014 House Debating

Boys from all year levels have begun competing during the past two weeks for their houses in the annual House Debating competition. This competition gives boys the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills and work with their teammates to construct and deliver coherent and persuasive arguments on a specific topic. There has been a significant commitment given by senior boys and staff to assist younger boys in preparing their speeches and to refine their arguments.

The first round of the competition has been finalised and the finalists for each year level decided. The finals will be held during week 8 of this term, Monday 1 – Friday 5September. The full results and finalists are listed below.

Congratulations to all the boys who will represent their House in this competition. Final results will go toward the overall house champion.

The first round of the competition has been held and the results are listed below.


Results Round 1






7 A v C Fri 15 Aug That schools should provide free lunches for students. Annecy
M v S Wed. 13 Aug That schools should stop competitive sport. Moroney
8 C v M Tues. 19 Aug That we should abolish all toll roads in Melbourne. Moroney
A v S Wed. 20 Aug That vaccination of children should be compulsory in Australia. Annecy
9 A v M Wed.20 Aug That Brazil should not have hosted the World Cup Moroney
C v S Thurs. 21 Aug That sports clubs should be penalised for the poor behaviour of their fans. Collinson
10 A v C Thurs. 21 Aug That the legal drinking age should be lowered. Collinson
M v S Fri. 22 Aug That smoking should be made illegal. Moroney
Senior C v S Thurs. 14 Aug That the internet needs to be controlled. Savio
A v M Fri. 15 Aug That social media causes more problems than it solves. Annecy


First named team has the affirmative





7 Monday 1 Sept That single-sex schools are best. Annecy v Moroney
8 Tuesday 2 Sept That parents should always tell the truth to their children Moroney v Annecy
9 Wednesday 3 Sept That water is more precious than gold. Moroney v Collinson
10 Wednesday 3 Sept That mobile phones should be allowed in schools Collinson v Moroney
Senior Thursday 4 Sept That our grandparents had it better than us. Savio v Annecy


Congratulations to all the boys who have represented their House in this competition and good luck to those in the finals. Final results will go toward the overall house champion.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal – Pastoral