2014 VCAL Surfing Trip

On Monday 17 March the VCAL Group of 2014 went on an excursion to Smiths Beach at Phillip Island to learn the basics of surfing. We left for Phillip Island at recess and at 1:00pm we arrived at the island surfboards shop and met our instructor, Ian, who gave us a quick rundown on what the afternoon would hold. We were all given a wetsuit and taught the correct way on how to wear it which was quite the experience. After we were all geared up they gave us a talk about the surfboards. They gave us beginner surfboards which were much bigger than normal surfboards and easier to manoeuvrer. It was then time to head down to the beach and hit the water. We were taught how to examine the water when walking down to try spot any rips or potential hazards; once we got to the beach we were taught the basics on how to catch a wave and stop. Once we did some practicing on the sand we progressed to the water. We paddled out, excited to get our first wave. The first one I caught was far from impressive: five seconds after catching it I found myself under water, but we were all having so much fun and we hadn’t even learnt how to stand up yet. We stayed out there for about 30 minutes and by then we had all mastered the basics and we were ready to stand up. They took us back to the beach so we could learn to stand up which took quite an amount of time, but it was vital that we grasped it if we were going to stand up on the board. After we learnt the stages of standing up, some students were picked out of the group to demonstrate the stages to the class. After this the instructors then had their trust that it was time to hit the waves again. We all charged out, wanting to be the first one to stand up and it wasn’t long before people started standing up with ease and once we got more confident we started going out further, trying to catch bigger waves, but that seemed to be causing people more havoc. Everyone was having so much fun; no one wanted to stop! Everyone was catching waves and standing up but it wasn’t long before we were called back to the shore to finish of the lesson. The instructors at Island Surfboards where super happy with how we did, saying that we were one the best classes they had hosted! Looking back on the day I thought it was one of the most enjoyable excursions they I had ever been on in my schooling life and I hope we return there one day, as it was one of the highlight so far this year for me, and I’m sure most of the VCAL boys think the same.

View the photos from the VCAL Surfing trip HERE!

Rhys Hawker, 12C1