2015 Mary McKertich Public Speaking Award Results

This year, every student from Years 7 to 11 presented a prepared speech as part of their English classes, and the most talented speakers competed to be named year level winner. On the evening of Thursday 23rd July, we saw the best speakers perform in front of an audience of staff, students, friends and family. The evening was a great success, and a true reflection of the magnificent breadth of talent at Salesian College.

It is a wonderful skill for boys to develop and it was truly a pleasure to witness the confidence with which boys spoke and to listen to the range of ideas that were presented.
Thank you to the parents, staff and students of the college community, for the great show of support for the speakers on the night. Thank you to the English Teachers who helped with the preparation of the speakers, rang bells, organised impromptus and adjudicated throughout the competition. Thank you too, to the English teachers who ran in class competitions. A special thanks to Nick Filippis, Alexandra Tsiavis, Donna Paatsch, and the College leaders for their assistance throughout the evening.

The winners were:

Vihanga Maddumahewa

Stefano Mascaro

Jake Ioannu

Overall winner of the McKertich Public Speaking Award:
Vihanga Maddumahewa

View the photos from the evening HERE!

Andrew Schillaci
English Teacher