2015 Parents’ Association

A Happy New Year to teachers, college staff members, parents and guardians who form part of the Salesian Community.  To all new parents we welcome you to our community and look forward to meeting and chatting with you over the coming year at either our meeting or the events that we assist and support during the year.

2015 is going to be a new and exciting time for the parents association.
OUR FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR is 10 February 2015 at 7:00pm and we look forward to our current and new parents joining us on the evening.  The meeting will take no more than an hour and all are welcome.

You will all by now have received information from Principal Robert Brennan regarding the $30.00 amount in lieu of fundraising.
The College has endorsed a recommendation from the Salesian College Parents’ Association to introduce a fundraising levy of $30.00, replacing a number of fundraising events and initiatives normally held over the year. In the past these have included the $20.00 Raffle fee, Annual Chocolate Drive, Trivia Night, amongst others. The change has been initiated to streamline fundraising for all families and to reduce the workload on the small number of parents actively involved on the Parents Association Committee, allowing them to focus on the community aspect of their role.

You can keep up to date with all news at the college by simply going onto the Salesian Live web site.  All PA information can be found under the Parents tab.

You can contact the PA at any time by sending an email to pa@salesian.vic.edu.au

Parents Association Committee
President – Denise Forster
Vice President – Gerry Patterson
Secretary – David Box