2015 Subject Prerequisites

With the Opening Mass, the House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, the Dux Assembly and a range of Camps and Retreats already behind us, the remainder of Term One and Term Two becomes a particularly important period of time in the academic life of the College.  It is pleasing to report that the tone of classrooms reflects some very purposeful learning and teaching.

A range of important tests and exams are conducted throughout the course of Term Two.  These include the NAPLAN tests held in May for boys in Years 7 and 9, the General Achievement Test for all boys studying Units 3 / 4 subjects and exams in the latter part of Term Two  for all boys in Years 7 – 11.  These tests and exams are in addition to the usual work requirements which will fall due in each subject and at each year level.

It is critically important, therefore, that boys in all year levels are actively engaged with their studies.  Clearly, boys should be putting in place a robust revision program in order to consolidate and reinforce their learning.

It is timely, too, to again remind all members of the College community of the importance of Semester One results in terms of promotion to the next year level and selection of subjects for 2015.

Subject selection will take place early in Term Three.  Whilst Semester Two performance will ultimately be the final deciding factor, Semester One performance will play a very significant role in determining if a boy is: 1. Able to progress to the next year level; and/or 2. Able to select certain subjects in 2015.

View the Subject Selection Prerequisites document HERE.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Learning and Curriculum