2015 Year 11 Retreat Report

Year 11 Retreat 2015: A Seminar for Men (Presented by YOURCHOICEZ)

The Year 11 Retreat was held on Tuesday 28 April at Rowville Community Centre, where we faced the real issues of manhood. We partook in the young men’s seminar program which helped students find their potential as a young man made in the image of God. The central theme of the sessions accentuated a deeper understanding of the gift of masculine strength. The seminar gave each student the compelling vision of what he can do, be and offer to society and the world.

David Kobler was the presenter that day, whose balance of humour, charisma and solemnity appealed to the young men in the audience, and using powerful multimedia he explored the issues we as men face and the compelling strategies for change. The seminar also enhanced the relationship between staff and students thanks to the group discussions that many of us definitely required. This retreat focused on some of the toughest controversies which all teenage boys will go through, and credit goes to the entire year level as they participated, took the information in and were engaged throughout the day, which concluded with a liturgy celebrated by Father Papworth.

On behalf of the Year 11 leaders and cohort I’d like to thank David Kobler for a splendid presentation, as well as all the teachers, specifically Mrs Knight, Ms Rapson and Mr Croft and Mr Sellwood for organising and setting up an amazing opportunity.

Edwin Saravanapavaan
Year 11 Leader

Year 11 Retreat