2015 Year 12 Formal

On Thursday 11 June, the Year 12 boys and assorted partners and dates converged on Merrimu Reception Centre for the annual Year 12 Formal. Despite the grey and gloomy weather, all invitees managed to exhibit some much needed panache and glamour. School uniforms were replaced with well fitted suits, shoes gleamed in the foggy, suburban light and, miraculously, all ties were worn perfectly! Boys entered the reception centre excitedly but, crucially, were calm and mature in their conversations and movements.

A great night ensued. Aside from enjoying the fine three course meal provided by Merrimu, boys and partners hit the dancefloor, often (but not always!) showing great skill and dexterity out there. When away from the bombast of the dance floor, boys mingled with their friends and partners for the night, getting photos taken and enjoying conversation and banter.

This conviviality was enhanced by our two MCs for the night: Beau Watson and Demos Phylactou. Both were exemplary in their roles. They especially enjoyed handing out the awards for the night. All awards were taken home by worthy winners!

I would like to thank Mrs Rhea Beurs for her help in organising the event. It is an outstanding example of collegiality and shows her investment in the school and the Year 12 group. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the Student Committee (20 boys in total). Again, their positive action to assist in the smooth running of the night is greatly appreciated. Finally, I would like to thank all staff who attended the event. It highlights great dedication to the Year Level.

Chris Pye
Year 12 Coordinator