2015 Year 8 Father & Son Evening Report

Last Thursday, 35 boys with their dad or mentor in tow, came along to the inaugural Father Son night run by Bill Jennings.

Bill,  founder of Time and Space, is a skilled presenter who knows how to get boys to talk and his impressive work across schools in Australia and overseas continues to grow.

The night was facilitated by Bill with the assistance of Year 8 coordinator Steve Beckham, Year 10 coordinator Ron Lok as well as the Year 10 and 11 Student Leadership group. Suzie McErvale and Brooke Betzendorfer were instrumental in the smooth running of the evening.

We all know how hard it can be to get a 13 year old to open up in conversation but fun and games followed by whole group input, small group discussion groups and a panel facilitated by Bill allowed the conversation to flow. The importance of opening up dialogue between boys and a significant male mentor should not be minimised in relation to helping boys navigate that tricky period of their life.

Feedback from all involved was very positive and we look forward to running it again next year for the Year 8’s. For those mums reading this thinking ‘that sounds lovely’, we plan to implement a Year 7 Mother and Son night in 2016.

Thanks to all for their involvement.

View the photos from the evening.

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students