2016 Public Speaking Awards

The College held our annual Public Speaking Awards on Tuesday 19th July and, once again, the Awards received significant support from staff as well as students across Years 7 to 12.

Students presented a prepared speech on a topic of their choice, as well as an impromptu speech on the topic ‘true wisdom comes from experience’.

A panel including Principal Robert Brennan adjudicated the speeches and awarded the following winners for their respective division:

  • Adam Stone (Junior)
  • Emmanuel Chu Chung Chuck (Intermediate)
  • Sasi Wijerwardana (Senior)

In addition, the perpetual Mary McKertich Public Speaking Trophy was awarded to Sasi Wijerwardana who presented an insightful and flawlessly delivered speech on the topic ‘The media must stop promoting Islamaphobia’.

The Mary McKertich Public Speaking Award is a school-wide contest consisting of a classroom, year level and final stage, involving all students from Years 7-11 and some from Year 12. The Public Speaking Award provides an opportunity for students to research, investigate and present ideas, enhancing and practicing their presentation skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Mr Andrew Schillaci