2016 Oz Bosco

Oz Bosco 2016 is an amazing annual event, which this year was held at St John Bosco, Engadine NSW. I was the person who went to the event this year, and the experience was like no other. The weekend started with a six hour bus ride in the morning. When we arrived at St John Bosco it felt like we had actually started the event. It was an amazing experience meeting people from around Australia and New Zealand and seeing how they celebrate the Salesian spirit. That night we had an assembly where they explained the details for the rest of the night and the sleeping arrangements. We had our dinner and then continued one of St Don Bosco’s traditions; ‘The Salesian Good-Night’. The next day, we had breakfast and participated in ‘The Salesian Good- Morning’, another tradition that began with St Don Bosco. Our day started with being given gifts of Oz Bosco 2016 t-shirts. We then completed three workshops, which we chose out of the thirteen offered. The three I went to were amazing. We then had an amazing talk from one of the other attendees, which taught us that we should only fill ourselves with good and get rid of the bad. This year, Oz Bosco had something special to give us, which was a Cruise around the Sydney Harbour (I’m sure this was everyone’s’ highlight of the weekend). The next day, we had the usual start, but after that the Kiwis’ put on something special – a song and then some games that really energised us. After that, we had a really moving keynote speaker talking about his experiences and how we need to open ourselves to faith. This speaker was very inspirational and moving (he brought some people to tears; even some who said that we would never see them cry). Then we had another amazing performance by our New Zealand friends, which was a play about St Don Bosco going around the world to meet his Salesian family. To end the amazing weekend that was Oz Bosco, we had a beautiful mass celebrating Pentecost Sunday. Just like that, this remarkable experience was finished. This event was wonderful and inspirational and since I have come back I haven’t stopped recommending people to go next year.

Eamon Perkins, 10F

Oz Bosco