2017 College Production – Mother Courage and her Children

Bertolt Brecht’s classic play follows Mother Courage and her children through twelve years of the Holy War in the early seventeenth century, through Sweden, Poland, Finland, Bavaria, and Italy. Mother Courage makes her living selling goods to both sides, but eventually discovers that profiteering will cause the downfall of all that she holds dear.

Mother Courage’s first son is a dolt, but he makes a dashing soldier and plunderer. Her second son is honest, and he meets an early death from a firing squad. So now Mother Courage and her mute daughter follow the armies with their wagon and wares, as first one side, then another wins. They acquire in their train a chaplain and a cook, until one day, peace is declared. But it is too brief. The plundering soldier son is brought to shame, and the daughter who would be married is shot instead. War is resumed; for it seems that, like love, it is perpetual.

The production will feature original music, composed by one of our senior students, and will take place in and around the Fr Bill Edwards Auditorium in August this year.

Mr Adam Croft
Head of Performance