2017 Visual Arts and Technology Show

The College’s Annual Visual Arts and Technology Show was celebrated this year on a very balmy Tuesday evening on Tuesday 17 October. The exhibition space was centralised in the Naylon Gallery and was extended into the surrounding art rooms. Outstanding pieces from Art, Media Studies and Visual Communication and Design classes were displayed very creatively by the Visual Arts team. Equally, there were some impressive Systems and Technology works, as well as Design and Technology pieces that showed great skill and refinement. This year saw the introduction of Food Technology, with students from the Year 9 MasterChef Elective engaging their culinary skills to provide warm finger food for the evening. These were served with beverages, which made for a welcoming and social atmosphere.

This year’s guest speaker was Peter Higgins, a past Design and Technology student who was short-listed for Top Designs and mentored by Mr Craig Abernathy. Peter reflected on his experiences of being a Senior Industrial Designer, including how he began in the industry and his career highlights and unique experiences. Students from Years 7 to 12 who displayed hard work and passion across their chosen fields of study in Visual Arts and Technology were acknowledged in the formal part of the evening. It was great to see the parents and families of these students attend and show their support. Despite smaller numbers in attendance this year, the work shown was considered by many to be of a better quality than previous years, which is a testament to the efforts and expertise of both our Visual Arts and Technology staff.

A special thank you to the students who volunteered time to assist at the event, in particular, to our Year 12 RSA servers and Tour Guides. A warm thank you to all the staff who attended and worked collectively to make the night a special event in our school calendar.

Ms Ros Aylward
Head of Visual Arts