2018 Student Leaders

On Friday 20 October at our Valedictory Assembly, our new 2018 College Captains, Leaders and Ambassadors were announced in front of a large school gathering. The transfer of leadership witnessed a bittersweet farewell for our 2017 Year 12 Student Leadership team and, in the same breath, a joyous celebration of our newly elected 2018 Year 12 Leaders. The selection process for the twenty-one leadership positions involved nominations, staff and student votes, and finally, interviews with a staff panel. During the assembly, the 2018 Leaders officially commenced their roles with a pledge to uphold their responsibilities and service. Student Leadership has always been a feature in Salesian schools. St John Bosco encouraged his leaders to be positive role models, to take on responsibility and to look after the younger ones in their care. It is this responsibility that has been entrusted to our next group of leaders.

We, the Student Leadership Coordinators, look forward to working with the following fine gentlemen for what little remains of 2017 and in the new year.

College Captain: Mark Linden

College Vice Captains: Jamie Phung and Adrian Nadonza

Liturgy Captain: Josh Meedin

Drama Captain: Stephen Kelly

Music Captain: Josh Fernando

Social Justice Captain: Pravinda Gunasekara

Public Speaking Captain: Emmanuel Chu Chung Chuck

Annecy House Captain: Nathan Murrian

Annecy Vice Captain: Anthony Basile

Collinson House Captain: Ethan Andrews

Collinson Vice Captain: Kyle Gordon

Moroney House Captain: Liam McGain

Moroney Vice Captain: Ashintha Perera

Savio House Captain: Rodney Baselyous

Savio Vice Captain: Michael Amendola

Mission Ambassador: Eamon Perkins

Academic Ambassador: Kevin Jayadi

Cultural Ambassador: Billy Drakopoulos

Sport Ambassador: Zack Vanderputt

VCAL Captain: Aaron Simas

It is sad to say goodbye to the Year 12 leaders of 2017, however we wish the following men all the best in their future endeavours, and thank them one last time for the positive legacy they have left behind at Salesian College.

College Captain: Stefano Mascaro 

College Vice-Captains: 
Peter Pamouktsis and Lachlan Magee

Liturgy Captain: Anthony Ralogaivau

Drama Captain: Bo Tran

Music Captain: Matias Gonzalez-Jara

Social Justice Captain: Patrick Lov

Public Speaking Captain: Wilson Dixon

Annecy House Captain: Dean Dritsas

Annecy Vice Captain: Julian Russo

Collinson House Captain: Tibin Thampy

Collinson Vice Captain: James Tighello

Moroney House Captain: Ben Di Cioccio

Moroney Vice Captain: Adrian Vargiu

Savio House Captain: Damon Ollerenshaw

Savio Vice Captain: Stephen Angeloudas

Mission Ambassador: Justin Tan

Academic Ambassador: Kevin Tat

Cultural Ambassador: Jack Robertson

Sport Ambassador: Michael Brew, on behalf of Josh Cavallo

VCAL Captain: Terence Fatouros


Mrs Malwina Dwyer and Mr Anthony Barnes
Student Leadership Coordinators