7A Students visit to St Anthony’s Primary School, Glen Huntly

Year Seven English classes are studying an adaptation of the great Homeric poem, The Odyssey. Part of their assessment involves writing their own myth to explain a natural phenomenon and presenting this to the class.

7A were then given the opportunity to present these myths to the Grade 1/2 children at St. Anthony’s in Glen Huntly.

The Salesian boys worked with the primary students in writing a fairy tale in small groups. It was wonderful to see the way in which our boys were able to act as mentors; they had to explain the structure of a piece of writing and act as spell checkers and editors.

We are looking forward to receiving copies of the finished and decorated stories when the Grade 1 and 2s finalise them.

Hear from the students:

“It was a great experience to help them create fairy tales, we were kind of like teachers”. Antonio Naidoo, 7A

“At 11 o’clock, we had to leave behind a great experience and a bunch of sad grade 1’s and 2’s to go back to school. We had a great time there and hope to go back soon”!

Vinay Ravi, 7A