7B Science Excursion Report

7B’s excursion to the city for the Melbourne Maths and Science Walk

We took a bus to Federation Square. We were excited as it was our first excursion as a group. Throughout the excursion we took photos of real life maths and science, which we are going to use in class, as well as visit some well-known attractions such as the flower clock, national gallery, Melbourne Central and Federation Square.

We started at the floral clock, doing many calculations about the radius and circumference of it, then we crossed the road to the gallery and watched the beautiful fountains, seeing how forces effected the way they moved. We even found a few unwanted surprises in the fountain as well.

We took the tram to Melbourne Central. The tram ride was heaps of fun, as we were able to feel the forces acting on our bodies as we traveled in it. We weren’t even allow to hold on to the supports.

At Melbourne Central, we looked at the cone and worked out the surface area and volume of it. During lunch there, we had to collect data about our lunch choices and ask members of the public what mode of transport they took to get into the city. Some of us found that a bit daunting but we all got the information we needed.

We finished the day at Federation Square, looking at the tessellations of the building. Most of us enjoyed being up on the big screen!

It was a very enjoyable day and we thank Miss Rapson and Miss Richardson for organising it and giving us the opportunity to see real life maths and science.

Pranav and Finn
Class 7B

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