‘A Plastic Ocean’ Screening Night

On Thursday 16 November, the Year 9 Biretta class, led by Ms Fernando and Ms Zwalf, hosted our ‘A Plastic Ocean Screening Night’ in the Auditorium. The night involved speeches from our Years 7, 8 and 9 Biretta classes, a special appearance by Annett Finger from the Boomerang Alliance, and a movie screening of the environmental documentary, ‘A Plastic Ocean’.

The night was a great success, with over 150 people attending. Popcorn was served during the movie, and the movie was greatly informative. The goal of the night was to raise awareness about the damage of plastic pollution on our sea life and the environment of our oceans. The night’s guest speaker, Annett Finger, delivered an empowering speech about ways to decrease the negative impact that the production and disposal of plastics has on our natural environment. The money raised by our popcorn stand will be go towards Annett’s organisation, Boomerang.

Overall, the night was a success and very informative. As a result, the initiatives that are planned to be implemented at Salesian College are going to change our effect on the natural environment for the better.

Joel Childs and Lukas Herrera, on behalf of 9B. 

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