ACC Art and Technology Exhibition

The 2015 ACC Art and Technology Exhibition will take place from 27 April until 10 May at the Abbotsford Convent. The College is pleased to announce that 20 of our students will be displaying their works at the exhibition. These works include items from Art, VCD, Multimedia, Product Design and Technology, and Systems Engineering classes. The boys listed below are to be congratulated for having their work selected for display at this prestigious exhibition of ACC students’ artistic and technological achievements.

Johnathon Stevens Luka Petro Andy Nguy
Michael Nguyen Anthony Atherinos Dien Duong
Hamish Patterson Pocholo Bueno Damian Cybulski
Laurence Newport Massimo Cappiello Benjamin Lai
Alex Watt Alan Huynh Samuel Vanderhorst
Pravinda Gunasekera Fabrice Min Fa Jack Robertson
Justin D’Souza


The ACC and the College encourage all members of the community to visit the exhibition and support the boys who have done such exceptional work in a variety of areas. Invitations will be distributed to the students shown above, but all members of the public are welcome to visit the exhibition.
Further information about the exhibition can be found at the ACC website

Yours sincerely,

Mr Justin Leeds
Head of Design and Technology