ACC Badminton Report

The day started quite awkwardly as the members of the ACC Intermediate team arrived at school late for the team meeting. Fortunately, the drive to MSAC was swift and we made up the time. With a few minutes to warm-up we believed we were ready for a win.

During the first half of proceedings, we jumped to a great start with a bevy of winning matches. The spirits of the boys were uplifted in this early phase of success. We were placed against the other top two schools in badminton, Whitefriars and Mazenod College, and after an long and hard struggle against these schools, we managed to beat both overall. Our expectations felt as though they were about to be realised. Mr Wang seemed to be so proud of the team. The enthusiasm was infectious and absorbing as we made our way through each contest. An anxious wait followed before the results were announced, and then that pinnacle moment, which all of us will never forget, that affirming, blissful announcement. The speech given by Paolo straight afterwards was flawless, to be precise 11/10.

Overall, the whole involvement to play in the ACC competition was enjoyable, competitive and unifying. I would say that this was one of my best experiences at this school. Thanks to everyone involved.

Willie To
Badminton Team, 9A