ACC Badminton

On Thursday 23 of May, 14 junior students went to MSAC and played a badminton tournament. All schools including Salesian had a doubles team and singles players. There were four singles players and 5 doubles teams. During the early stages of the tournament, the Salesian team was placed first, however as the day continued we eventually went down the ranks. In the end, we came third; just below Mazenod and Whitefriars. Other schools that participated with us were: Parade, St Bernard’s, Simonds, Mazenod, Whitefriars, Emmanuel. We all had fun because we were able to play many teams in our team’s favourite sport.

Congratulations to Paolo Gomez, Kevin Tat, Patrick Lov, Geoffrey Ear, Nathan Pham, Peter Pham, Hans Montera, Evan Lim, Jack Stewart, Dineth Bandara, Arjun Girish, Lachlan McGee, Nicholas Lai and Roland Ha for their efforts and bringing our team to such a high rank in the ladder, and for helping to make the Badminton tournament such a fun day!

Paolo Gomez (8B) and Kevin Tat (8B)