ACC Hall of Fame

On Thursday 4 May, the ACC held its inaugural Hall of Fame to honour the service of staff members from across all schools in the ACC. Salesian College Chadstone was proud to have three of our staff members inducted.

Our inductees were Mr Steven Beckham, Mr Tim Cox and Mr Carl Egan.

Mr Steven Beckham

Steve has been a part of the ACC Athletics Management Team since 1999, overseeing a large group of Salesian students that assist with the various tasks required to successfully manage our largest annual sporting event. He does a superb job, and is well respected for his great sense of humour. Steve also coaches soccer and is always willing to help out wherever he is needed. He is a great asset to Salesian.

Mr Tim Cox

Tim has been a huge part of the ACC, since Salesian re-joined in 1999. There has not been a term in over 15 years that Tim has not coached a sport, and he has coached our teams in every sport that the ACC has offered. His commitment to coaching has inspired many young students to pursue their sporting talents. His infectious personality helps drive the Salesian sporting program, and he has a great manner with our students.

Mr Carl Egan

Carl Egan is one of the larger than life characters of the ACC, having been part of the Association for 18 years. Carl has been on numerous ACC committees during his time as Director of Sport. He has coached every sport that has been on offer by the ACC, and participates in competitions every term. The ACC has given Carl the opportunity to pick the ACC Soccer Team of the Year for many years. He has a trophy named in his honour for the Annual Senior Soccer match between Mazenod & Salesian – The Egan Davies Shield. Along with being Athletics Coach at the College, Carl has served as our Sports Master for 16 years.

Mr Dom Scarpino
Sport Manager