ACC Junior Badminton Victory!

On 7 May, the Junior (Year 7/8) ACC Badminton team enjoyed a very successful tournament. It was a tough competition, but the boys succeeded in defending the title they won the year before. The team’s final victory was an intriguing affair, close and intense. Parade was a formidable opponent but more than anything else it was the teamwork and cohesiveness that won the day for the Salesian boys. Both schools took four games but it was determined by points; 146 to 126. I felt very proud and humbled to be associated with this group of boys.

I would like to thank Ms Mary O’Sullivan for driving us to MSAC and being the team psychologist, as it were, and Jack Stewart (Year 9) for his efforts as Assistant Coach.

It’s now back to work, because next year we will be aiming for an unprecedented three-peat!