ACC Junior Public Speaking Champions 2013

On Monday the 11 November, a team of 16 boys from year 7 and 8 headed out to St Bernard’s in Essendon, for the annual ACC Debating and Public Speaking Championship.

It is testament to the skills and enthusiasm of our junior students that we were able to field two debating teams and a Public Speaking team. The bus was filled with excitement and anticipation as we made our way across the city for the boys to compete in their first external competition in 2013.

The day was a great success and allowed boys to showcase their increasing confidence in this important skill. The depth and complexity of arguments and their ability to engage audiences were testament to the hard work undertaken by Ms Mistry and the students over many lunchtimes and in the boys’ own time.

Many of our boys were awarded ‘Best Speaker’ throughout the day, but the overall championship included each and every student and reflects an excellent team approach.

At the end of the day the hard work of staff and boys paid off as Salesian were awarded the Division One ACC Debating Championship”.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the boys involved and to Ms Mistry who prepared them so well.  This caps off a fantastic year where we also won the Intermediate Division Two ACC Public Speaking Championship.

Topics for the competition:

Topic 1: “That improving public transport is more important than developing new roads”
Topic 2: “That gambling advertising should be banned”
Topic 3: (Secret Topic- boys had 40 minutes to prepare)”That movie classifications are a waste of time”

Our teams
Coach: Ms Punita Mistry




  • Year 8, Kareem Aljaber (Captain)
  • Year 7, Elijah Skeggs (Best speaker twice)
  • Year 7, Oliver Scholast
    (Best Speaker)
  • Year 7, Jamie Phung
  • Year 8, James Smirneos
  • Year 8, Wilson Dixon
  • Year 7, Purna Perera
  • Year 8, Arjun Girish
  • Year 8, Kartik Kashyap
  • Year 8, Dylan Hema
  • Year 8, Rao Morusupalli
  • Year 8, Kevin Balapitiya
    (Best Speaker once)
  • Year 7, Theirry Kasimis
  • Year 7, Callum Morgan
  • Year 8, Athiesh Katheesan
  • Year 8, Peter Pamouktsis


Donna Paatsch,
Head of English