ACER Testing

During week 8 of term all boys in Year 7 -10 will be undertaking number of online tests produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).  The tests are a mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions which were independently scored by ACER.  ACER is a recognised international leader in the development of educational assessment.

Education assessment is no longer primarily for grading students on how well they have learnt what they have been taught. It is now about establishing and understanding where learners are in their learning at the time of assessment – in other words, establishing what learners know, understand and can do – in varying degrees of detail. Better understandings of this kind provide better starting points for teaching and educational decision making, as well as better information for evaluating past learning progress. The areas tested include: Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and General Ability. (Please note that Year 9 and 7 will not do the Science test and Yr 7s have already completed the General Ability test as part of their transition process last year.)

Salesian College Chadstone uses the data obtained in these tests to assist with our improvement of curriculum delivery at the level of the individual student, class, year level and the College as a whole. We have been undertaking these tests for a number of years and they have proved beneficial in improving our teaching and learning programmes when seen in conjunction with other data, such as NAPLAN, subject results and VCE data.

Please note that it is not necessary for boys to prepare for these tests in any way as we want a clear picture of their current aptitude and understanding in the areas tested.
The schedule of testing is as follows:

Year 7 Monday 16 March
Year 8 Wednesday 18 March
Year 9 Thursday 19 March
Year 10 Friday 20 March


Mr John Visentin
Deputy Principal