Collinson House

Collinson House is named after Fr Thomas Collinson, the first Rector of Salesian College.

Fr Collinson was born in 1888 in Salford, Lancashire, UK. Salford was named after the willow trees that lined the River Irwell.

Fr  Collinson was one of a group of twelve church students who enlisted in the British Army in 1917. Despite requesting to be enrolled in the Medical Corps, they were directed to the Signal Corps where they were responsible for communications. After the Battle of Ypres, Fr Thomas Collinson was awarded the Military Medal.Only four of the twelve church students survived the War. They all became Salesians. The Signallers were known as ‘Scaleybacks’. This is because their shirts and, sometimes, skin were damaged by the acid that used to leak out of the battery packs on their backs.

Fr Collinson studied and worked in a number of countries.

He was Rector at Salesian College from 1957 to 1959. He was strong and healthy, and enjoyed the outdoors. After this, he returned to England and died at the age of 94 in Bolton, Lancashire.

Mr Nick Kearney - Head of House