Retreats & Camps



The importance of providing students with opportunities for retreats and reflection days is stressed as a key ingredient in the ‘Faithful to God, Faithful to People’ curriculum document.


  • to provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative, and to interact with others in a Christian context;
  • to allow students the opportunity of making choices in an environment of guidance, discussion and prayer;
  • to provide a climate where students can review their personal faith in the context of the whole Christian story;
  • to ensure a memorable experience of school community, where the individual person is valued and communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are highlighted.


The College offers a compulsory retreat program across Years 7 – 12.

The retreat program offers a sequential and developmental series of experiences across the years. The retreat programs have been developed by staff to meet the needs of students at particular year levels. They have a primarily religious focus that challenges students to a growing maturity in their faith and relationship with God.


Camp and Retreat Focus for Individual Year Groups


Year 7 Retreat

This retreat experience focusses on acknowledging the gifts and talents of year individual. It looks closely at the relationships we share with our family.


Year 8 Retreat / Camp

This Outdoor adventure camp promotes extension of the self, appreciation of God’s creation in prayer and liturgy and the strengthening of the bonds of friendship within the Christian community. The boys also learn more about the Salesian story.


Year 9 Retreat

The day long retreat gives students an opportunity to think about their own identity as well as how they think and behave with others. There is a focus of self-esteem and relationships.


Year 10 Retreat

The Year 10 retreat is a day of reflection during Futures Week. It promotes concepts such has goals, dreams and future. What does my future hold for me? Where does my relationship with God fit in?


Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 students participate in an extended day retreat focusing on the theme: “Becoming Good Men” (Part 1).


Year 12 Retreat

Year 12 students participate in an overnight retreat experience with the theme “Becoming Good Men” (Part 2).

Involvement of Staff


Retreats provide staff with unique opportunities to engage students with content relevant to their faith development in creative and appealing ways. They allow for the development of unity and trust within the group that provides the opportunity to delve into session content, group sharing, prayer and liturgy at a level that would be difficult to achieve in a classroom setting.

The generosity of staff in preparing thoroughly for retreats has seen the development of a very successful programme. Ongoing review, development of staff skills, thorough planning and commitment to creativity are recognised as an essential ingredient of our retreats continued success and relevance for students. It is vital that staff who are part of these experiences are committed to the central aims of the retreat programme and are willing to witness boldly to the importance of their own faith in their lives.