Maths Week at Salesian College

Maths Week is an annual Salesian College event. Students from all year levels participate in a range of activities, many of which are designed to strengthen their understanding of how maths is relevant and important in the real world.

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger hunt is a particular favourite, with students in years 7 and 8 having to complete a series of questions, each of which would give them a ‘pass’ to the next level.

Daily Challenge

During Maths Week a daily challenge question is also published, which sees boys from all year levels really extending themselves in their quest to most accurately identify and explain solutions. Sudoku, tangrams and the annual famous mathematicians quiz are also popular, with a large number of boys getting involved.

Australian Mathematics Competition

In class, boys in years 7-10 participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Students are also able to access a range of ‘fun’ maths activities as opposed to their usual classroom maths work. As has always been the case, this encouraged boys who would usually not be as interested in maths to get involved and see the relevance of what they are doing in class to the outside world and their future career aspirations.