Student Leadership at Salesian College


Formal and Informal Leadership

Leadership at Salesian College is both formal and informal. Salesian College is committed to offering opportunities for leadership to all students.

  • In Years 7, 8 and 9 students can be selected as Classroom Leaders. The leaders hold their role for the length of a semester. This ensures that the opportunity to formally be appointed as leader is experienced by many.
  • ¬†Year 10 and 11 House Leaders are selected through nomination and vote. Staff and peers have the opportunity to nominate and vote in selecting the candidates. Year 12 House Captains and Vice-Captains are equally selected by peers and staff. The six leaders representing each house work closely with their respective Head of House on small projects, running of assemblies and other administrative tasks.
  • College Captain and Vice-Captains are nominated and selected through an interview process. The members of the interview panel are the Principal, Deputy Principal (Student Services) and Director of Student Wellbeing. In a similar fashion to the House Leaders, the College Captains work closely with members of the College Leadership Team of particular tasks and represent the student body as selected leaders.

Other opportunities include the Student Ambassadors Program includes Year 8-11s