After School Pick-up

Dear parents,

We have been dealing with a number of issues regarding safety and access during afternoon pickup at the front of the College from 3 – 3:25pm each afternoon. With a significant number of parents picking up boys from the College front drive there have been issues with traffic flow extending onto Waverly Road. This congestion has caused frustration, difficulties for neighbours and the potential for safety problems. It has also stopped access for school buses on regular occasions.

Boys and parents are reminded that the recommended alternative pickup points in Timmings St and Jacana St are usually easier to access and quicker to depart than entering the College grounds, and we therefore encourage families to pick up their children outside the College grounds.

Cars are not permitted to park or stand at the College entrance and must continue through either along the main driveway and out via Savio St, or via the western side driveway and out via Timmings St.
The tendency for boys to wait at the College main entrance and be picked up at the Bosco St gate has continued to cause congestion so we have prohibited boys from waiting at the main entrance. This area is now out of bounds at the end of the day. Boys should wait at the Savio St exit of the driveway, where there is teacher supervision, and be picked up there if parents choose to drive through the main drive.

We thank parents and boys for your understanding of these measures, and remind everyone to be patient, courteous and safe.

Mr John Visentin
Deputy Principal