All Schools Leadership Program

On Friday May 6 Noel McGarry (Year 10B Oratory teacher) and myself had the pleasure of attending the presentation of the All Schools Leadership Program.

Ethan van Langenberg (10 B) and David Truong (10B) represented Salesian College throughout this week. They participated in various activities and explored topics such as: conflict resolution, public speaking, mental health and leadership styles.

David and Ethan had the opportunity to meet students from other schools within the City of Monash and work towards a presentation that was given before teachers, parents and family members on Friday night.

Both Noel and I were incredibly proud of the way in which the boys presented their topics on the night and worked with other students and staff at Monash Youth and Family Services. The boys were incredibly grateful for the opportunity given to them.

Congratulations to both Ethan and David for their participation and for representing Salesian College with pride.

Ms Romi Bennett
Year 10 Co-ordinator

From the Students

Monash All Schools Leadership Program

Throughout the week, I have had a very informative and interactive experience at the ‘All Schools Leadership Program’, held by Monash Youth and Family Service. We discussed types of leadership, being socially aware and different types of campaigns. They were also accompanied with various activities.

Out of all the activities, we did throughout the week, the one that had the biggest impact on me, was the ‘Bystander Effect’ as well as the stages of group development and styles of leadership.

For me, I suppose the most important thing I’ve learnt was about ‘Mental Health’. It was really informative for me as I knew nothing about it except for the terms, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. We dove deeper into these main branches and identified symptoms which was helpful because it now allows me to help my friends, family and anyone who might be suffering before it’s too late. Also I would be able to spread my knowledge to others, not only about this topic, but the others topic we discussed.

David Truong (10B)

Last week from Monday the 2nd of May to Friday the 6th of May, David Truong and I attended the Monash All Schools Leadership Program which was held at the Clayton Community Centre. This was an outstanding event which I felt had a tremendous impact on me. There were representatives from 15 schools in the City of Monash and it was a wonderful experience to develop new friendships and meet new people. Throughout this event we learnt many different skills that played a part in being a leader, whether that be a recognised school leader or just a leader in your community where you set an example for others. The material that had the biggest impact on me was the fact that the decisions bystanders make can change the greater community for the better or worse and that we have to do our own part to help others suffering from different mental health conditions whenever we see the need to. Personally the most important information given to me were within the lessons on group development and public speaking as this can help me in a great way in my everyday life. Overall I really enjoyed this experience and I hope to use everything I learnt here in the future to become the best person I strive to be.

Ethan van Langenberg (Year 10B)