Applied Learning Semester One 2015 Wrap Up

Year 11 Intermediate VCAL

At the end of Year 10 Pathways Program, our class decided to integrate our subjects and meet our VCAL outcomes through one large scale building project. During Term 1, the Intermediate VCAL class of 2015 commenced planning and researching the Pizza Oven Project.  In order to get a better idea of what our oven would look like and how large it should be, we visited Salesian College in Sunbury to look at the oven that had been donated to them. We spent a day at the school looking there facilities and learning about their project of raising chickens and growing vegetables. They also developed a business plan to make a profit from selling the chicken eggs and vegetables and after that we looked at their pizza oven which we thought that they built but it turned out that they didn’t. We also learnt that their pizza oven took a whole day to heat up. When we returned, we looked at different sizes and designs online and conducted our own research, then we found The Melbourne Fire Brick Company website. We decided to purchase the kit from this company. We would still need to design the base of the oven ourselves. The Year 11 VCAL class went around the school grounds looking for an appropriate site to build the pizza oven. After we selected the site that we wanted, we started to draft a proposal letter to Mr Brennan to ask him if we could use the site.  While we waited for a reply, and as part of our Personal Development Strand, we started going to the gym with Craig McGrath, a qualified Personal Trainer and a Salesian College Teaching assistant and he taught us different exercises correctly. We developed our own fitness programs.
At the beginning of Term 2, we made a PowerPoint Presentation to Mr Brennan and the leadership team to discuss our ideas and plans for the Pizza Oven Project.  This ties in with our Literacy Strand. The proposal was a success; all our planning had paid off. The school agreed to fund our project. Not only are we going to build a pizza over, we are going to build planter boxes to grow ingredients for our pizza, a dining area and food preparation benches. We went to Bunnings to buy the blocks and then we started laying out the design and where we wanted the pizza oven to sit. We then bought all the tools and equipment and building materials to start building the concrete slab. We cut up the foam and we placed it on the concrete slab and poured the concrete on top of the foam. After waiting a few days for the concrete to set. We lay the tiles and started to lay the bricks for the pizza oven. While some of the boys where laying the bricks others started to build the planter boxes and we have now completed them. During this term we are almost going to commence building the preparation benches. We visited Bounce Inco in the last week of Term 2; an excursion the Year 12 CAL class planned for us and we had a great time! For the last day of Term 2, we went to ‘No Name’ restaurant in Oakleigh to learn how to use the wood fire pizza oven and how to make a pizza. They have kindly offered to run this for free!

In Term 3 we are planning to finish any rendering that needs to be done and we will complete the preparation benches and dining tables. We are then going to start using the pizza oven to run our own pizza business and we will be making a recipe of everyone’s favourite recipes. We are making our own recipe book and there will be a step by step guide on how to make a pizza. We are hoping to go to Lygon St and Rathdown St for an excursion to look at different types of pizza and have a slice or two!

Luc Crugnale and Samuel Kee
Year 11 VCAL Intermediate Students

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Year 12 Senior VCAL

In Term One, the Senior VCAL class for 2015 planned to build a Billy Karts as part of our integrated project. We want to build these karts for our school to showcase the ‘hands on’ skills we have learned. We debated what project we should choose and we ultimately decided to construct the Billy Kart. We made our final presentation to Mr Brennan and members of the leadership team to propose our Billy Kart Project. We came to a final figure for all our materials that we needed for our billy karts (and a few extras) and luckily, he agreed to fund it. We divided ourselves into groups of three and began designing our karts. Luke Jeffery decided to build his by himself because he want a challenge. His experience with metal and welding meant that he wanted to try and incorporate this into his design.
We measured carefully because we wanted to make sure we bought the right lengths of wood from Bunnings. It took us 2 weeks to get the correct measurements and figure out what other materials we would use. Finally we went to Bunnings. It took us about 3-4 weeks to build the frame of the Billy Kart, we have to wait until we can use the tech rooms. Jeremy’s group has almost finished building their complete Billy Kart. Luke is still building because he is making his Billy Kart using metal and it is little bit tricky. We are planning to race our Billy Kart on the Community Day. We are planning it house colours so very students related to this house can participate and present their house.
The Senior VCAL class went on multiple excursions in Term 1. We went to the Grand Prix, we went to the IVECO Truck Factory and we went to multiple trips to Bunnings to purchase materials for our Billy Kart Project. On Sunday 15 March, Mr Thomas our Numeracy and Oratory leader took us to the Melbourne Grand Prix to get inspiration for our Billy Karts. We had a front row experience of the qualifying of the race. We took the train into the race track. We bought food and watched the race. We walked around the tracks and looked at all the display tents, we also looked at the cars that were on display. We all had a good time and we learnt a lot about cars and how create designs for our Billy Karts.     On Friday 20 March we went to the IVECO Truck Factory in Dandenong accompanied by our Term 1 Literacy teacher Mrs Stoforidis. We took a tour around the factory, we learnt how trucks are distributed around Australia and how there sold. During the tour we learnt how trucks are manufactured and how the parts are made and put together and how they are painted.
We began Term Two knowing that we will be getting straight into the construction of the Billy Karts. To start building the Billy Karts we had to go to Bunnings warehouse so we could buy the various tools and materials that we need to build the Billy Karts. Once we got all the tools and materials we commenced the building process of the Billy Karts. So far we have had minor problems that have been dealt with by re-cutting or buying new materials. The Billy Karts are near completion and will be displayed on Expo night. We started the term with a new literacy teacher, Ms Hanley. She took the spot of our original literacy teacher Ms Stoforidis. The class was devastated to hear that Ms Stoforidis would be leaving us. The class was unsure who would be teaching us for our last school year, once we found out that Miss Hanley would be teaching us, we were delighted! We are all on track and want to finish off the year with a bang.
This term we worked hard and completed various tasks given to us by our teachers (Ms Hanley and Mr Thomas) that covered literacy and numeracy outcomes. For literacy, we wrote a summary of a movie, we did a song analysis and we were teaching an activity to our classmates. For numeracy, we focused on income/expenses and money in general. We were working out what the different expenses an average family has to pay annually are.

In Term Two, Senior VCAL went on three excursions. The first was to the Toyota Factory in Altona, the second was to the Shifting Gears Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and the third was to Bounce Inc. in Glen Iris. At Toyota, we went for a grand tour of the factory, we followed the entire process from flat blank pieces of metal to a car ready to be sold at a dealership. Ms Hanley accompanied us to Shifting Gears Exhibition, we learnt about the history of Australian cars, how they influenced the design and construction of modern Australian cars and the technology behind it all. We viewed the various classic cars of Australia such as the Holden Monaro and the Dodge Hemi. We also saw some of the Australian concept cars that were never put into production such as the Holden Hurricane and the Holden Effigy. This week we went to Bounce, this excursion was purely for recreation. We planned every aspect of it ourselves, we wrote the parent permission letters, put forward the proposal booked the busses and filled out the risk assessment sheets. We basically had fun, mucked around on trampolines, performed tricks and had a dodgeball game against each other! It was topped off because the entire facility was basically empty since it was during daytime and everyone was at school.
By the time Community Day comes around we will be finished our Billy Karts, we are planning to raise money for charity by selling tickets and letting students race with our karts. Our karts are painted in our respective house colour. The race will take place near the Occhiena building, between it and the Murdoch building. The race will start at the top of the hill near the basketball courts going towards the oval. We will be enforcing barricades of foam mats so the students will have a nice safe landing and won’t hurt themselves. We will be show casing our Billy Karts at the school Expo Night so all the school students can look at our work and see that the possibilities in VCAL are endless. The Billy Karts will be on display in the hall foyer or near the entrance. Unfortunately no one will be racing them on Expo Night but we will show the photos of the races held on Community day on display boards around the karts.

Dominic Heaphy, Jo Mathai Phillip, Daniel Muscara, Jeremy Trinh, Luke Jeffrey and Robert Conway
Year 12 Senior VCAL Class

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