Archbishop Hart’s Conversation with Student Leaders 2015

“The higher we go, the better we hear the voice of God” were the words that were exclaimed by Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – a young man who was born in Turin, yet represented the collective hope and aspirations of what teenagers like us at Salesian College aspire to become.

Frassati was a noble soul who came from an influential family but went out of his way to help the poor even if it inconvenienced him and broke status quo whilst doing so. He was also at the core of an excursion that Edwin Saravanapavaan, Jake Dell’Arciprete and myself along with Ms Galante attended on 13 March, at Archbishop Hart’s Conversation with Student Leaders 2015. The day was also attended by all the Catholic schools in Melbourne and their leaders.

All of us were granted an opportunity to listen and address questions to the Archbishop of Melbourne – a rare and exciting opportunity. Additionally, we were spoken to by two key note speakers that provided us an insight as to how they found God in their lives and how we can be more like Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. We then broke off into small groups, made up of representatives from different schools and discussed issues that surrounded Frassati and the talks from keynote speakers, and how we felt about it all.

It truly was a great experience that helped us grow as Catholic leaders and individuals. It helped us see the work of Frassati and challenged us as to how we could in our own ways be more like him and make a huge impact in our communities.

Kishon Pawar
Year 11 Student