Archbishop’s Conversation with Catholic Leaders

The Archbishop’s Conversation with Catholic Leaders is an annual event where Archbishop Denis Hart dedicates a day to Catholic school leaders. Our School Captain and School Vice-Captains attended the event at St Kevin’s College in Toorak to learn, grow and be inspired in their faith and leadership responsibilities.

The gathering of over one hundred student leaders from Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne was very humbling for Stefano Mascaro, Lachlan Magee and Peter Pamouktsis. The theme for the day was courage, which permeated through the course of the event. Archbishop Hart and Guest Speaker Roby Curtis, song writer of Emmanuel Worship and Co-Founder of Blind Eye Ministries in Brisbane, shared their incredible stories of courage in times of adversity and fear.

The workshopping session witnessed our three Salesian leaders discussing the theme of courage, times that required courage in their leadership positions, and sharing inspiring stories of courageous leadership with leaders from neighbouring schools.

The day concluded with a Question and Answer time with the Archbishop. The questions either sought spiritual guidance, or questioned the Archbishop about controversial topics associated with the Church. Stefano, Lachlan and Peter returned to Salesian feeling motivated to carry out their Catholic leadership in a more courageous way, a way that will no doubt make Salesian College and the Salesian community very proud.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal - Faith and Mission

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