Author Boori Recount

On Thursday 9 May 2013, the Year 8 Students were delighted to listen to a presentation by Boori ‘Fire’ Monty Pryor. Boori Monty Pryor is currently Australia’s Children’s Author Laureate because of the significant contribution he has made to the field of youth literature. One Year 8 student described the session. Here is Kartik’s reflection.

“He introduced himself with joy and had a humorous tone when he told us about his family and how he uses incidents from his past to create stories. We learned about some of his novels and he then examined his book called ‘My Girragundji’. In this novel he told us many of his problems with his sisters and how his sisters always annoyed him and blame him for problems that occurred around the house. He also made funny jokes about his frog who was a Kung Fu master! One funny part was when he found a snake on a tree and brought it home, he then placed the snake into his sisters’ pyjamas.

In the second half of the session he told us about his didgeridoo which he played for Michael Jackson, he then played it to us and we all heard with amazement, its tranquil, unique and woody sound hovering through the atmosphere. He then explored the ingenuity of writing and told us some tips to writing successful narratives. We then asked many useful questions.

All in all, he was a funny writer in a pair of jeans trying to express his knowledge to us so that we can write stories as well”.

Kartik Kashyap, 8B