Autumn Concert

The 2017 Salesian College Autumn Concert was a complete success. The concert is a showcase of all our school’s great ensembles, including the Concert Band, Stage Band, Vocal Ensemble and many small ensembles.  One of the main highlights of the night was the new Year 7 Concert Band, who performed ‘Stadium Rock’. It was amazing to see the Year 7’s progress after just one semester of learning the instruments. The school is very happy to see the growth of the Music Department, as we now have a Vocal Ensemble and String Ensembles as part of our Year 7 program, as well as our Senior String Quintet and Vocal Ensemble. The night ended on a great note when the Hawai’i Rock band was joined by special guests Mr Dorian Broomhall and Mr Brendan Toohey to perform Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’. The Salesian College Performing Arts Department would like to thank everyone that made the night possible, including all the Instrumental Music teachers, sound and lighting crew, performers, and of course those who came to watch. The school would like to thank the Performing Arts Department for putting on a great show.

Joshua Fernando
Year 11