Batyr Mental Health Presentation

On Wednesday 16 August the Year 11s were fortunate enough to have Batyr Mental Health Services come to present to them.
This very important issue of Mental Health was spoken about in an open and honest way by a couple of the presenters who shared their own personal stories. Sam and Simeon told of their own experiences, struggles and achievements with Mental Health. Both relayed the message of the importance and power of checking in with friends to ask the simple, but very powerful question “Are you OK?”
Students were then given a snapshot of where they could get help, and the organisations that offer assistance to young people experiencing mental health issues. Organisations such as Headspace, BeyondBlue, Lifeline and school counsellors were identified as being a source of support.
The presenters also spoke about the importance of listening and checking in with each other and the power of talking and opening up. Often young men are taught not to show emotion, not to cry and not to talk about how they are feeling.
The presentation highlighted the importance of not sweeping this very important health issue under the rug, and remembering that mental health is just as important as other aspects of our health.
My thanks to the Student Wellbeing team who organised the presentation, and to the students who showed great respect throughout.

Ms Romi Bennett
Year 11 Co-Ordinator

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