Social Justice

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” – Mahatma Ghandi

In light of the new term, the Term 2 Social Justice Focus is raising awareness of the social and humanitarian issues that are happening in our local community with St Vincent de Paul being central to our awareness and fundraising campaign.

To kick things off, our very own students from Year 10 have created a video for us – all relating to raising the issue of homelessness. Showing these videos during RE may be the best opportunity for us to experience a small insight on the bigger picture. We encourage teachers to present this video to their students at the start of the lesson and discuss what issues were seen and what we can do to make even the smallest change.

We have also organised a guest speaker who will address all year levels during RE during this term about the realties that many people face in our community.  Paula Amaya is also available to visit classrooms upon request to discuss the more specific details about homelessness and poverty in the local community.

Tinnies for Vinnies will be a major focus for all of us at Salesian. Often we forget the impact of what our donations do to the lives of those who receive them. It’s important to remember or rather, realise, that our donations are much more than just that, what you’re inadvertently doing is providing opportunities for people who are in a situation of disadvantage. Your simple donations shouldn’t be ‘blindly’ given – rather, really thought of. Things such as food are always appropriate as donations, but we tend to overlook the other things that many live without; simple necessities such as toiletries, blankets and even clothing. To assist with this, our aim is to target specific weeks in the term as a focus or ‘themed’ week. We highly encourage all boys to consider providing the opportunity for those who can sometimes live without these simple necessities, and this winter, things such as warm clothing and blankets will prove very helpful.

The themed weeks are as follows:

Week 4 & 5                non-perishable food items (tins of food)
Week 6 & 7                Clean used blankets and clothing
Week 9 & 10             Toiletry items

Although much of the awareness will happen in RE Classes we need homeroom mentors to help with the collection of items and encourage bringing in as much as they can. The Social Justice Group will organise some boxes for week 6 and 7 for the collection of blankets and clothing. For collection of tins and toiletries we will use the green and pink bins we have used in previous years.
We are also organising a sleep out to take place at the end of week 5 – listen out for more details!
If you have any contribution to make or any ideas that involve Social Justice, please do not hesitate to consult with the social justice team or Mrs Knight.

Many thanks for your support.

Jeremiah Nichols                                                             Dohwon Kim
Ambassador Faith and Mission                                        Social Justice Captain