Being a ‘Cybersmart’ parent

At the start of every year we need once more to engage with the complex issue of appropriate use of social media. Especially in the junior years, boys who have just been given access to smart phones as well as laptops will need guidance from adults as well as close supervision at home.

While the College will do what it can to educate the boys through our personal development programs, it is particularly important that parents are monitoring the online presence of their boys.

An informative article can be found at the following link.

At Salesian, we would recommend that boys from Years 7-9 do not have unsupervised access to the internet at home. In the best case scenario, access to computers should be in an area where parents/guardians can keep an eye on their son.

Laptops and phones should not be in bedrooms overnight and we would recommend that the home wifi is switched off when people go to bed.

Parents should insist that they are able to access their son’s phone or laptop to check their browsing history as well as being a friend on their various social media platforms.

Young people tend not to be as careful as adults and may be more inclined to take risks which might include the posting of inappropriate images and using vulgar language they would never use in a face to face conversation. The College appreciates the support of families speaking to their sons about the importance of respectful relationships online.

If you have particular concerns regarding the use of social media by your son and think that we may be able to help please contact your son’s Oratory leader to discuss your concerns. The most efficient way to contact staff is via email.

Warm regards,

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students