Bombadier Excursion

On August 17, the Year 11 VCAL class went on an excursion to Bombardier in Dandenong. Before we started the tour we were given personal projected equipment (like a light green vest) to show everyone at Bombardier that we were visiting to see how the trains and trams are built.

After we got our personal projected equipment, we were taken outside to the Manual Manufacturing Area. We were led into the briefing room where David, the Head of Operations gave us a presentation on Work Safety, with a video called ‘Born Lucky’. We learnt that Bombardier have their trains and trams in over 40 countries!

We were then broken into two groups and shown different parts of the factories. My group went into the welding school room, and were shown where people practice their welding and learn how to weld. Before we went into the factory to see the production of the trains, we had to put on our safety glasses so that when we saw people welding the frames, the blue flash wouldn’t blind us. It was amazing to see how they built the trains from the bottom to the final stage of production.

Regan Privitera, 11V

Bombardier is a worldwide organization that makes a lot of different items; such as trains, trams, planes and jet skis, as well as many more. We went to one of their warehouses where they make the Velocity trains and trams for Melbourne. I was amazed at how much effort it takes to make a train or tram; it can take over 1000 hours to complete one! They have different sections, and in each section they make and put together the roof, sides and under frame. They have 8 days to complete each section, and send it to the next stage. We saw a tram they had just begun building, as well as a fully finished tram that looked amazing, just like the ones in the city. As a group we watched a video called ‘Born Lucky’, which was about a man that was too stressed at work and at home, trying to complete a renovation on his house. The video showed how bad it is not to have sleep and the proper ‘PPE’. I learnt from the video that you should never work people too hard. It is important to have time off to relax and gather your thoughts. In the video it showed us how important it is to be aware, because you could be doing the right thing but someone else won’t be, which may cause an accident to happen. The most important lesson I learnt from my trip to Bombardier was to always keep myself and my mates safe.

Aaron Simas, 11V

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