Book Week Wrap-Up

Book Week at Salesian College (Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 August) was filled with fun, humour, mystery, intrigue, inspiration, competitions, blogging AND books!

Authors Nicole Hayes and Oliver Phommavanh

Students from Year 7 and 8B were entertained & immersed in the literary world of Nicole Hayes on Tuesday 20 August and Oliver Phommavanh on Wednesday 21 August. They provided engaging insights into their motivation and sources of inspiration as authors, in a manner that captivated the interest of this very welcoming and responsive audience.

Quiz & Genre Competition

Once again students battled it out in our annual Book Week Quiz. This year’s theme was Reading Across the Universe and the questions created much ado as boys raced to submit entries each morning. The three successful students were Andrew Lou of Year 7, Jack Norton of M4 and Corey Jansz of Year 8. Congratulations, boys.

The other event for all Year 7 and 8 students, as a part of the Premiers’ Reading Challenge, was the Most Popular Title in the Challenge competition. The novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid was correctly predicted by many students and ultimately 10 students received prizes from Mr. Brennan on the final day of Book Week.

Blogging & Bookshop

The boys relished the chance to select glossy new fiction books from the collection supplied by The Little Book Room. The students chose many new and exciting titles in our one-day ‘bookshop’ and now eagerly anticipate reading their selections!

Book Week 2013 saw the launch of the inaugural Salesian College Reading Blog and it did not take long for bloggers to share and publish reviews of their favourite novels. The blog has also become a great way for the Salesian College Community to share the latest reading activities and events.

Mystery stories

“My name is Charlie Joe Jackson and I hate reading. And if you’re reading this book, you hate reading too”….. A blurb, from one of the numerous Mystery novels (wrapped in a paper bag and distributed around the circulation desk of the library) is hopefully a way of engaging a curious student to select a book to read, without first seeing the cover. A number of boys took up the challenge and we await their book reviews in the Salesian College Reading Blog.

Thanks to all for you participation.

The Rua resource Centre Team